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A movement for celebratory sex and relationship education 

Our sexual and intimate experiences and choices influence our health and wellbeing. And they shape how we go through our lives. This is why we empower people to safely explore their sexuality, to make informed choices and to develop healthy relationships with themselves and others. 

Sexplore’s approach is unique. It helped me to understand what I felt, what I needed, and where I had become quite numb, after past experiences of violence, fear, and shame. Slowly learning how to reconnect with those parts helped me to find the strength and courage to address unresolved issues.



To us, being a feminist organization means prioritizing wellbeing, putting self-awareness central and dismantling bias - both internally and externally. It also means that we strive to empower more women and address gender bias.



We prioritize wellbeing, put self-awareness at the centre and dismantle bias - both internally and externally. We also strive to empower more women and address gender bias.



We challenge power dynamics, reimagine decision-making and look for mutual support with other organizations. We have no bosses and we use innovative self-management techniques to collaborate together as peers.



We work to contribute to a society in which people feel more at home in their bodies, are more deeply connected to others and have more energy to make a positive contribution - whether it is to their family, their community,  or society.



We believe that everyone should have access to celebratory sex and relationship education. So we increase accessibility by reinvesting our profits, keeping our prices as low as we can and providing discounts to young adults. 


We don’t depend on external funding for our day-to-day operations, because it's important to us to only collaborate with people and organizations who share our values. We look for organizations and businesses that don’t put profit over people with their services or products, and who are conscious about their environmental and social impact. 


So far we have been supported in our journey by the following organizations:


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